HR Excellence Centre

The HR Excellence Centre of Committed Experts proposes relevant analyses coming from a team with a plethora of skills and capacities in the fields of human resources and firms’ management. To this end, we do mobilize our proven experts’ assets, namely working tools, analytical methods, established experience and know how.

Besides our standardized solutions, we ceaselessly develop tailored solutions to every individual situation. The scope of intervention of the HR Excellence Centre is as follows:

  • Remote human resources management services: Committed Experts acts as a remote human resources department at the service of the employers in companies without a full time senior human resources manager;
  • Human resources support for start up businesses;
  • HR teams’ coaching;
  • Implementation and reshuffling of the HR function;
  • Consultancy on labour legislation;
  • HR function’s audit;
  • Coaching to obtain HR certifications (corporate social responsibility label, HR procedures’ implementation according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001);
  • Payroll systems;
  • Coaching to implement  internal regulation;
  • HR function’s costs’ optimization;
  • HR projects’ management.

Employment Relations

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The major social stakes which the corporate should pay due attention to, consist mainly in the employees’ increasing aspirations and the interests of the different staff representative entities (often conducive to useless pressure on the corporate). This all of a piece in further underlining the necessity of the use of tact and subtlety while addressing the management of employment relations.

Often a time, in social conflicts’ situations (even more in social crises’ times), corporates’ top management and human resources managers are looking for ‘the best appropriate’ solution to ensure serenity and social peace in the workplace. Smart companies are those who put in place such solutions well before the social conflict crops up; setting up a clear policy for the management of employment relations.

Within Committed Experts, we do support your implementation of the most suitable social policy to your context; one that would guarantee a sustainable equilibrium as per the human dimension within your company. In this regard, our interventions shall pertain to a variety of fields, namely:

  • Consultancy on Labour Legislation ;
  • Social monitoring strategies ;
  • Mediation and conflict management ;
  • Transitions’ and change management ;
  • Assistance in negotiations with the social partners ;
  • Process of elections of Employees’ Representatives and assistance in communication with Employee Representative Bodies;
  • Establishment of internal regulations ;
  • Restructuring of companies and establishment of social plans
  • Other missions in Employee Relations Management.



As we firmly believe that recruitment is one of the most intricate processes when it comes to human resources’ management, we do accompany your search for promising talents, which are vital for your company, while making available our human resources’ research tools.

Our focus is your scope of activity, the prevalent mindset of your enterprise, the meticulous description of the profile you’re looking for, to better help you find out competent candidates with the required senior experience for the success of your business.

  • Headhunting (for the leadership and the senior executives): We act as a strategic partner supportive of your search for the ‘one in a million’ candidate. We shall be there throughout; from the expression of the recruitment’s need, up to the successful integration of the selected candidate.
  • Success fees (for the recruitment of middle management): Every single mission is for us a Project, wherein, we mobilize all of our means and resources to cater for your peculiar  needs

HR Administration

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The administrative dimension exists in all enterprises, regardless of their size. It is by definition the pillar of every HR management policy.

The HR administration function encompasses a variety of areas of intervention. It’ll be our delight to accompany you in each one of them.

  • Employment contracts;
  • Compensation systems;
  • Administrative procedures (CNSS, CIMR, Medical/health cover, …)
  • Compliance audit ;
  • Payroll audit ;
  • Administrative organization of HR (flow of information and HR documents, …) ;
  • Legal and organizational specifications of HRIS. Assistance for the configuration ;
  • HR dashboard & KPI’s. HR reporting templates.

HR development

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The HR development function includes a whole battery of processes, mechanisms and tools, which all converge towards the improvement of both the individual and the collective performances in the workplace. Such processes evolve according to the organizational changes and the development of the Human Capital.

Committed Experts makes available a plethora of HR development tools combined with cumulative good practices acquired in a variety of lines of business.

  • Training for specific needs in Human Resources Management;
  • Jobs and skills management planning;
  • Development of job desciptions;
  • Succession plan;
  • Training plan;
  • Performance assessment systems;
  • Communication plans;
  • Motivation and recognition plans;
  • Management coaching.