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The major social stakes which the corporate should pay due attention to, consist mainly in the employees’ increasing aspirations and the interests of the different staff representative entities (often conducive to useless pressure on the corporate). This all of a piece in further underlining the necessity of the use of tact and subtlety while addressing the management of employment relations.

Often a time, in social conflicts’ situations (even more in social crises’ times), corporates’ top management and human resources managers are looking for ‘the best appropriate’ solution to ensure serenity and social peace in the workplace. Smart companies are those who put in place such solutions well before the social conflict crops up; setting up a clear policy for the management of employment relations.

Within Committed Experts, we do support your implementation of the most suitable social policy to your context; one that would guarantee a sustainable equilibrium as per the human dimension within your company. In this regard, our interventions shall pertain to a variety of fields, namely:

  • Consultancy on Labour Legislation ;
  • Social monitoring strategies ;
  • Mediation and conflict management ;
  • Transitions’ and change management ;
  • Assistance in negotiations with the social partners ;
  • Process of elections of Employees’ Representatives and assistance in communication with Employee Representative Bodies;
  • Establishment of internal regulations ;
  • Restructuring of companies and establishment of social plans
  • Other missions in Employee Relations Management.