The HR Excellence Centre of Committed Experts proposes relevant analyses coming from a team with a plethora of skills and capacities in the fields of human resources and firms’ management. To this end, we do mobilize our proven experts’ assets, namely working tools, analytical methods, established experience and know how.

Besides our standardized solutions, we ceaselessly develop tailored solutions to every individual situation. The scope of intervention of the HR Excellence Centre is as follows:

  • Remote human resources management services: Committed Experts acts as a remote human resources department at the service of the employers in companies without a full time senior human resources manager;
  • Human resources support for start up businesses;
  • HR teams’ coaching;
  • Implementation and reshuffling of the HR function;
  • Consultancy on labour legislation;
  • HR function’s audit;
  • Coaching to obtain HR certifications (corporate social responsibility label, HR procedures’ implementation according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001);
  • Payroll systems;
  • Coaching to implement  internal regulation;
  • HR function’s costs’ optimization;
  • HR projects’ management.